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GED Writing Help to Pass the GED Writing Test

Essay Topic Examples   |   5 Paragraph Essay   |      GED Writing Suggestions   |   GED Writing Test

GED Writing Help to Pass the GED Writing Test

Taking the GED Writing test can be tough, especially if you do not have a lot of opportunity to write.  If a GED candidate does not have the background experience in writing, they may want to practice writing at least 3 sample essays.  They may even need to start out simple; sentences first, then paragraphs, finally the essay itself.



GED Writing Help Suggestions


Locate a Language Arts, Writing GED textbook and work through it. The text you choose should prepare you for part 1 and part 2 of the GED Writing Test.

While you are preparing for the GED writing test, write each and every day. Write memos to yourself or family, send your friend a letter, or keep a diary. Writing on a daily basis will give you the confidence that you can write a 200-word essay.



Familiarize yourself with the 5-paragraph essay format and “stay on topic” when writing.

Prior to taking the test, write at least 3-5 essays. Ask someone who has taken the GED writing test or someone who is a great writer, look it over and give you suggestions.

Be sure to contact a local agency and take a practice test prior to the official GED Language Arts, Writing test.




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