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GED Math Lesson:  Percents

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GED Math Lesson:  Percents

The GED Math test can be very challenging.  Many GED candidates and instructors consider it the most difficult of the five GED tests to pass. What is the process of learning all the concepts of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, algebra, and geometry and applying it to the GED Math test?  In what order should these concepts be learned?  What is the best way to learn with relationship to a learnerís learning style? What is the next test if a student becomes discouraged?  Download free GED worksheets and GED lessons to help pass the GED Math test.  The lessons can be adapted for individual or classroom use, GED Strategies for Math Success


Download GED Math Worksheets and GED Math Lessons


Lesson 1:  Definition of  Decimal

Lesson 2:  Understanding Decimals

Lesson 3:  Reading Decimals

Lesson 4:  Writing Decimals

Lesson 5:  Understanding Decimals and Zero

Lesson 6:  Comparing Decimals

Lesson 7:  Rounding Decimals

Lesson 8:  Adding Decimals

Lesson 9:  Subtracting Decimals

Lesson 10:  Multiplying Decimals

Lesson 11:  Dividing Decimals

Lesson 12:  Dividing Whole Numbers

Lesson 13:  Changing Decimals to Fractions

Lesson 14:  Changing Decimals to Percents

Lesson 15:  Using the Calculator

Lesson 16:  Solving Word Problems Involving percent

Lesson 17:  Using the Calculator

Lesson 18:







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