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A number is divisible by 6 if it is also divisible by both 2 and 3.

GED Algebra

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GED Algebra Math Help

Algebra is a skill that you use everyday, although you may not realize it.  For example, you may have recently purchased a new car and need to take out a loan.  You need to know how much you will have to borrow (cost of car) + (sales tax)= total cost of vehicle.  In other words, you need to find:

(%tax) (cost of car) + (cost of car)= total amount to be borrowed

When studying for the GED, algebra accounts for 25% of the GED Math test.  GED algebra includes integers, algebraic expression, the coordinate plane, factoring, inequalities, exponents, roots, and equations.  Many of the skills you need to solve algebra problems, you will also be able to use solving other mathematical problems.


GED Algebra Math Help

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