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15 Important Things to know BEFORE you take your GED tests.

  1. GED= General Education Diploma

  2. Prior to taking a GED test, contact your local official GED Testing Center for specific requirements.

  3. Many states require an official GED Orientation Session prior to testing.

  4. The GED tests are a battery of five tests that measure your knowledge in the areas of math, science, social studies, writing, and reading.

  5. The GED tests are timed tests that vary from 62 minutes to  2 hours

  6. The cost of the GED tests vary greatly from place to place.

  7. If you do not pass a GED test you can retest; however, contact your official local GED testing Center for specific requirements in your jurisdiction.

  8. A GED candidate must take all 5 GED tests.  A score of 410 is considered passing.

  9. An average score on each test of 450 is needed in most states to be successful in completing the GED.

  10. The GED tests will test your ability to read and process information, solve problems, and communicate effectively.

  11. If you can, take one official GED test at a time.  You will be less tired and will receive a better score.

  12. Get plenty of sleep the night before your test.

  13. When taking the GED tests, answer those questions that you know right away first and ago back to the others later.   Do not spend an over amount of time on questions that you do not understand.

  14. If you are easily distracted by noise, check with your GED testing Center to see if you can use earplugs.

  15. Take ownership of your GED education.  It is your responsibility to learn about your state's GED requirements.



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